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May 21, 2002

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Media Week has posted a very funny and somewhat satirical account of all the media hoopla surrounding the release of Book 5. (Note: The article is intended for mature readers, due to language content.)

A recent AP story out of London shocked and saddened the world — and even Media Person — when it revealed that the new Harry Potter won’t be hitting bookstores this summer as expected. The world counts on plucky Harry and his magical eyeglasses to take its mind off its interminable woes for at least a week or two. Or, in the case of readers in Florida, a month or two.

Spider-Man and Star Wars are just not going to be enough, no matter what Time magazine says …

From The Mirror comes this article on “JK Rowling and her days of poverty.”

It appears that the EA game for the next Harry Potter movie has already been completed, if this from the Business and Finance section of the SF Gate is any indication:

But in truth, the high-tech entertainment business has never been cozier with its older brother, judging from some of the most-hyped games showing in Los Angeles this week: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, four new Star Wars games and two separate Lord of the Rings series.

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