From Publisher’s Weekly: “Although sales

Aug 28, 2002

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From Publisher’s Weekly: “Although sales of Harry Potter product hit $80 million in the fiscal year ended May 31, that was $120 million less than the revenues the boy wizard generated in fiscal 2001 and as a result sales in Scholastic’s trade unit fell 33% to $215 million in fiscal 2002. The decline in Potter revenues was a major factor in dropping earnings in Scholastic’s children’s book publishing and distribution group by 12% in the year, to $189.9 million …”

The BBC reports on a poll from Classic FM in the UK: “…composer John Williams saw nine of his soundtracks making it into the top 30, including Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Superman, ET, Schindler’s List and the recent Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone.” (Thanks to iHP for the link.)

From The Age comes this article entitled “J. K. Rowling: busting the myths”.

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