Hi all, we’ve got some

Apr 30, 2003

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


Hi all, we’ve got some news from Nimbus:

The deadline for fandom sponsorship has been extended through June 15.

Ari Rapkin of Industrial Light and Magic has been announced as July 19’s featured luncheon speaker. Rapkin’s resume includes such movies as Jurassic Park III, Star Wars: Epsiode II and, of course, Harry Potter; her speech will offer insights into the secrets of film enhancement through computer animation. Rapkin joins Judith Krug, Director of the Office for Intellectual Freedom, American Library Association, as a featured speaker.

Go here to read about Nimbus’ “Casting Contest,” learn more about the exhibitors who will set up shop in Kumpulsive Alley (including Alivan’s Wands and the manufacturer’s of Lucius Malfoy’s infamous CoS snake-cane), and keep up with all things Nimbus.

Nimbus attendees who are over 14 can also take part in a birthday party for Fiction Alley, which will take place on the evening of July 18. Keep tuned to Nimbus’ official site and Live Journal for continued updates.

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