Our Brilliant Editor in Chief

Sep 30, 2003

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


It has nothing to do with Harry Potter, but our own BK DeLong, who is a Web Production Specialist at MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology), is among those who have been working very hard to publish OpenCourseWare, a fantastic program which officially launched today. Through OCW, and making use of the Creative Commons license, MIT has now published over 500 courses online. Everything is downloadable, from problem sets to video lectures – which might not sound too surprising, until you realize that they’re free. MIT has made quality educational information – whole courses, in a slew of subjects – free to anyone who has a computer. Both CNET and Wired have published articles on what OCW is, and on the impact it is sure to have – and has already had. Congratulations, BK, on the launch of something truly meaningful. We’re so proud.

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