Dark Horizons Set Visit Preview :Goblet an Action Epic

Jan 28, 2005

Posted by: SueTLC


Dark Horizons has posted a preview of their visit to the set of the upcoming Goblet of Fire film. Garth Franklin of Dark Horizons gives this fourth Potter film glowing praise saying that it will be “an action epic of a size that makes the last “Spider-Man” movie seem small.” The preview continues:

“The Triwizard tournament tasks, the Death Eaters, the Dark Mark, the World Cup, the Yule Ball sequence, etc. All of these scenes have taken paths and looks I had not expected. Sequences in books rarely tend to live up to imagination on screen but this is one of the few times I think it’s the other way around. Fans will go absolutely nuts over it all and even those who’ve never been fully into Potter – this will be the big crossover film. It’s the biggest, boldest, most fun and epic yet. “

To read the entire preview, click here. Thanks Ty!

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