Sci-Fi Wire: No Winky or Dobby Subplot, and more GoF Tidbits from Heyman

Feb 28, 2005

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


Sci-Fi Wire published an interview with producer David Heyman detailing some things about GoF:
-The Winky and Dobby subplot has been cut
-The Great Hall was stripped and completely redressed in floor-to-ceiling silver for the Yule Ball filming
-“One piece of information … we’ve put into another character, which feels perfectly organic [and] works.”
-The “surprisingly spacious” Weasley tent has been shot
-Filming includes “a trophy room filled with silvered plaques and cups of various sizes, the Ministry Box at the Quidditch World Cup stadium, and a faux marble Trial Chamber, which rises several stories high.”

Heyman said:

“Anything that doesn’t really relate to Harry and Harry’s journey is less relevant…That’s not to say that there’re not minor detours. Inevitably there are. But there are certain things that we don’t spend as much time with as they do in the book, just by the very nature of the material.”

More at the link. Thanks very much to Andy from Harry Potter Fan Zone!

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