The Witching Hour: Fanfic and Sirens and Quidditch, Oh My

Mar 29, 2005

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


The Witching Hour, the HP convention from HPEF that will take place on Oct. 6-10 in Salem, MA, (otherwise known as the Witch City, has a couple of important announcements:

  • Dr. Marleen Barr, author of Oy Pioneer, will speak at the conference about feminism and science fiction, as part of the panel, “Sirens, Furies and Heroes: The Development of the Fantasy Woman,” with authors Tamora Pierce and Charles de Lint, NYU professor Vicky Dann and Florida State University media professor Eliza Dresang. More info at
  • You may now submit fanfic (at this link) for a chance to be chosen to read it at the conference. The deadline is May 15, and presenters will be notified by June 15; readers can use their time to talk about characterization and ask questions as well, even do a “fic signing.” For more information, visit the aforementioned link, or email Anise Leinen.
  • To sign up for the convention’s Quidditch tournamnent, go here.

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