Half-Blood Prince Quiz in Disney Adventures Magazine

May 29, 2005

Posted by: SueTLC


The June/July issue of Disney Adventures Magazine for children has a small feature on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It has a photo of the Scholastic version of the book, along with a quiz for children to play as a means to brush up on their Potter knowledge before reading Book 6. I typed up the six questions below for everyone, along with the answers that they had in the magazine. Good luck, and No Cheating! 🙂

“In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Harry, Ron and Hermione will finally get the results of their much-dreaded OWLS(Ordinary Wizarding Levels exams). We’ve come up with some OWLS to get you pumped for the book’s debut on July 16. So, Muggles, grab your pencils and find out how Book 5 leads into Book 6!”

Part 1: Beginner Basics

1) Harry’s chosen career(assuming he passes his OWLS) is:

A. Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor
B. Professional Quidditch Player
C. Auror

2) J.K. Rowling said, “the war begins” in Book 6. Harry and his pals will need help-including mastering the Expecto Patronum spell. What’s Hermione’s Patronus?

A. A Deer
B. An Otter
C. An Egret

Please see below for the rest of questions, and the answers.
Part 2: In-Depth Intermediate

3) How did Dumbledore protect baby Harry from Voldemort?

A. By tricking Voldemort into thinking Harry was dead.
B. By placing the Protego spell on him.
C. By coercing Harry’s Aunt Petunia into letting him live at Privet Drive.

4) Why was Firenze banished from his herd of centaurs?

A. He agreed to teach Divination classes at Hogwarts.
B. He got into an argument with another centaur, Bane.
C. He was not banished at all.

Part 3: All-Knowing Advanced

5) Why did Voldemort choose Harry instead of Neville as the boy with whom he would fulfill the prophecy?

A. Harry’s parents were more of a threat to Voldemort.
B. He related to Harry because both Harry and Voldemort are half-bloods.
C. He overheard Dumbledore discussing Harry’s future with another professor.

6) What was the rumored title of Book 6 before J.K. Rowling announced it would be Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?

A. Harry Potter and the Pillar of Storge
B. Harry Potter and the Secret of the Skrewts
C. Harry Potter and the Quest for Quidditch

ANSWERS (as written in the magazine)

1) The answer is C. Aurors have a very elite and dangerous postition within the Ministry of Magic. Harry will have to do very well on his OWLS and NEWTS(Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests) to become an auror.

2) The answer is B. Maybe in Book 6 we will finally learn what Ron’s Patronus will be!

3) The answer is C. Since Harry’s mother died to save him, her blood protects him from Voldemort. Aunt Petunia is Lily Potter’s only living relative, and thus the only relation who can protect Harry. However, in Book 6, Harry will have his shortest stay at Privet Drive yet!

4) The answer is A. Centaurs do not view themselves as the servants of humans, so Firenze’s teaching was seen as a betrayal of his kind. In the next book we will learn if he continues to teach.

5) The answer is B. Harry can be considered a half-blood because he has Muggle grandparents. However, J.K. Rowling has said that neither Harry nor Voldemort is the Half-Blood Prince.

6) The answer is A. Another rumored title was Harry Potter and the Toenail of Ickilbogg. Ew!

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