McSweeney’s Spoofs Harry Potter Quidditch Recruitment

Aug 31, 2006

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


From the Leaky funny files: earlier this month, humor ‘zine McSweeney’s published an article regarding the “Recruitment of Harry Potter,” in which a zealous fictional Quidditch recruiter sends a memo planning how best to snag Harry for the team:

“Tell him we will absolutely pull Snape’s season tickets if that’s any concern at all. Hell, go ahead and do that anyway. Guy gives me the willies.

Don’t worry – by all accounts Quidditch is Potter’s main obsession. Well, that and the whole feud thing, but let’s not bring that up unless he broaches the subject. (None of us have the Dark Mark, right? If any of you do, be sure to wear your long-sleeve jersey.)


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