Footage of Half-Blood Prince Set Prep in Gloucester, Filming Will Take Place In February

Jan 29, 2008

Posted by: SueTLC


As we have been reporting, there is to be location filming for the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at Gloucester Cathedral in England. In addition to the earlier photos we showed you, the BBC has new video online tonight of the work being done to prepare the site for the filming as well as new interviews with the students who will take part as Hogwarts students. In the video (CLICK HERE, scroll down on the left side to where it says “Kids Become Potter Extras”, then click to launch player) you can see the area where the students will be fitted for their costumes, and hear interviews with the students from King’s School on the Hogwarts houses they will represent (including one young man who is to be in Hufflepuff which this editor thinks is just great! 🙂 )

Readers should note that while there has been no specific HBP location filming dates announced for the Cathedral, the report says Warner Brothers is insisting on secrecy, however signs indicating upcoming parking closures give an early February (next week) time frame for the filming of the sixth Harry Potter movie. We will continue to follow the preparations being done in Gloucester; anyone with photos and reports please send them in!

Thanks much Andrew!

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