Updates on Rupert Grint’s “Cherrybomb”

Jan 28, 2009

Posted by: SueTLC


A few updates today, regarding Cherrybomb, the new film starring actor Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley).

First, thanks to our Order partner RupertGrint.net we know the film will be screening at the Jameson Dublin Film Festival in Ireland on February 20. While no confirmation yet if Rupert is among the cast scheduled to attend (filming is due to be underway at that time in London for Deathly Hallows), tickets are now available, additional information can be found via this link.

Second, in the first of what is sure to be a slew of press interviews for the upcoming debut of Cherrybomb at the Berlin Film Festival next month in Germany on the 8th, the staff at ICM let us know they have now posted an interview with Rupert, where he discusses a whole host of topics: his character in Cherrybomb (“Yeah, I do like Malachy…I saw quite a few similarities in him in-so he was fun to play.”) on his look in the new film ( “It took a while to get used to the quiff, and my dyed eyebrows and eyelashes”) and on some of the mature scenes in the film (“It’s the most adult thing I’ve done and there are some risky things going on-the drug taking and there’s a bit of romance-so yeah, it’s different; it’s good, it’s cool.”)

Rupert also speaks briefly about the differences creating a small film like Cherrybomb, and working on a large production like the Harry Potter films. Quotage “I really enjoy it because it’s a totally different world;
everything is so much smaller’ he notes. “I think we get a bit spoiled
on Harry Potter because we have fancy dressing rooms and all. But there
is actually a lot more waiting around (on Harry Potter) so I prefer the
pace of films like Cherrybomb. On this you do like seven scenes a day and they’re really quick days and it’s exciting-it’s good fun!”

Thanks to RupertGrint.net and to Ivanna!

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