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Mar 30, 2009

Posted by: John Admin

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Wow. This blog kinda got left behind a bit. Summary of my life since the last blog? Ok. I went to uni, and I worked my socks off all year round and I’m still not finished! Seriously my life has been all about work. And one other thing.
Books. I have become hugely obsessive over books. I’ve been reading Harry Potter for almost 10 years now (omg) but never really LOVED literature on a scale like this before. It all started about this time last year, when I realized I had a large number of books I had intended to read, and never got around to. So I started reading them. And read them all. I literally read every book I owned, and the many more I bought, over about a 6 month period. And now it hasn’t stopped. I set myself an aim to read 52 books in 2009, and we’re just finishing the 3rd month and I believe I’m onto my 25th book. So, yes, I do think I will meet my target and then some.
But I never really get chance to sit down and pour out my thoughts on the books, as most are either obscure books no one has heard of, or insanely popular ones that people have already read.
So as of an hour ago, I set up a new YouTube channel so that I would have a place to discuss any book that really makes me wanna talk.
So please go subscribe! I’m hoping to get my first ACTUAL review video up tomorrow, (at the moment there’s just a quick introduction). I really want to make it an interactive experience, with me sharing my thoughts and people giving theirs back. So I encourage video responses and comments! I’m going to try and reply to EVERY single one, (that isn’t abuse, of course), but I doubt I’ll get many at first, (or at all), so please rate the videos and comment on them! And tell your friends! And subscribe!
The books I’m going to talk about first are The Shack by Wm Paul Young and The Disreputable History of Frankie-Landau Banks.
Ok enough self-promotion for one post. Hope to see you guys over there anyway! And please vocalize any ideas or criticism you have for the channel.
And I promise I will try and blog properly again soon. I swear!

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