Devon Murray to Film Deathly Hallows Scenes as Seamus Finnigan Starting in October

May 19, 2009

Posted by: EdwardTLC

Murray Interviews

Actor Devon Murray (Seamus Finnigan) has given a new interview to the Evening Herald Newspaper where he briefly discusses filming for the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows film. Noting that his part will take ‘more than six months
to film’ starting in October, Mr. Murray also speaks to the safeguarding the Deathly Hallows script. He says: “It just wasn’t safe to keep it there, as there was so much hype
surrounding the new storylines, so they now use a safe house for the script.” The young actor goes on to relate his feelings of being in the public eye. Quoteage:

“I don’t really get recognised here that much and Irish people are so
down-to-earth anyway, they would leave you alone even if they did know you. It’s more when I go to America that they go mad for anyone connected
with the movie. It was also crazy when we did a promotional tour in Japan, I
must have shook hands with about two million people during that trip alone,
it was mental.”

Finally, Mr. Murray talks about his activities in the downtime from the Potter films, particularly breeding horses at his Offaly stud farm. Some of those horses, the article says, several are ‘contenders for the 2010 Olympics.’

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