Early Holiday Sale at WBShop.com plus a Look at the 2010 Harry Potter Calendars

Nov 07, 2009

Posted by: SueTLC

WB Shop

To help get the holiday shopping off on the right foot, Warner Bros let us know about a special sale they are holding on Harry Potter merchandise all this weekend. At this link, fans can take advantage of discounts saving up to 50 % off on a vast assortment of Potter items including many Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince pieces including the new mini film cells, Noble Collection items, Tonner Dolls, Totebags, Tshirts, Waterglobes, action figures, and much more.

Some of the pieces on sale are the new 2010 Harry Potter calenders. Thanks to longtime publishers Andrews McMeel, this editor had a closer look at three of the new calendars which feature scenes from all six Harry Potter films. A Dan Radcliffe as Harry Potter- centric item, the traditional wall calendar features lovely art enhanced photos from each of the films, and would be ideal for fans of the Trio (including Emma Watson as Hermione and Rupert Grint as Ron) as you can see them over the years with the previously released artwork now contained in one single calendar.

As you might guess, the theme of these calendars reflects the entire world of Harry Potter on film, and this is also the case with the World of Harry Potter 2010 Desk Calendar. The finest in quality of the three, this calendar features a gorgeous embossed cover and back. Inside are still shots in decent quality from each of the films on one side, with the facing side containing each week and plenty of space on each day to jot down reminders of your activities. Sturdy and well made, it’s a good piece to keep on your desk or take with you to school or work.

It was noticeable (or so it seemed to this editor ) the nice variety of the scene selections used in the 2010 Day to Day calendar. This calendar has always been a fan favorite over the years; this should prove no different as the photos marking each day of the year are indeed varied and fairly encompassing. There have been plenty of memorable moments and a whole host of characters over the years in the Harry Potter series, and many are indeed found in this newest calendar. While frankly it would have been very easy to focus just solely on the Trio, instead you find a decent balance of them over the years from all the film, along with photos of all of the Weasleys (yes even Percy), the Dursleys, Snape, Lucius, Draco, Dumbledore (both), McGongagall even others such as Lavender, Fleur, Cedric, Lockhart, Wormtail, Arabella Figg, Filch (boo! 😉 , Umbridge, Slughorn and even several of Cormac McLaggen. Always a great stocking stuffer gift each year, this is a lightweight, varied and good reflection of the Harry Potter films, not perfect but still a good piece.

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