What is the deal with Argus Filtch?

Jan 25, 2011

Posted by: John Admin


Argus Filtch is the favorite Potter character of a good friends of mine – no particular reason why. Thinking of Filtch recently had me wondering, why would Dumbledore (or was it Armando Dippet) hire someone to a job as tedious as complex as being character of a magical school to a squib? A poor old squib, unable to detect any sort of magical pranks being pulled on him by rowdy students, or able to clean any sort of magical spill without any magical means on his own, I’ve always found it a little sad.
If you are feeling as bad for Filtch as I am right now, maybe you’ll want to help him retain a bit of dignity fill out some of his Leakypedia page.
75 MyLeaky Points for Helping Filtch!

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