Issue 28 of Scribbulus Released

Sep 15, 2011

Posted by: Mel


The newest issue of Scribbulus, with the theme of “Harry and Me,” has been released and you can look at it right here!

This issue contains the following essays:

A Muggle’s Journey
from Platform 9 ¾ by Sheri/SoonerGryffindor.
Sheri describes how becoming
involved in the Harry Potter fandom and becoming a Corner Booth mod and
Weasleycaster helped her through some of the hardest years of her life and gave
her new focus and purpose.

How a Born-Again Christian Became a Harry Potter
Fanatic b
y Stephanie Cobb. This essay explores the author’s personal
journey with Harry as a born-again Christian and how she resolved the
non-Christian issues in Harry Potter.

Harry Potter and Me:
A life Liberated by Mouad Rais.
A junior essay about how the author used
Harry Potter as an inspiration on how to adjust to moving to a new country with
a very different culture and how to deal with parental pressure.

End of an Era by Kelsey
The author describes how fourteen of her nineteen years of life have
been influenced by Harry, and how Harry helped her cope with life after traumatic,
abusive experiences.

Reading Became our
Magic by Destyne.
Destyne herself learned to love to read by reading Harry
Potter, and passed on this love to her young daughter suffering from Asperger’s

My Friend Harry by Sammi
The author describes how she found strength and comfort in the
Harry Potter books during her battle with a brain tumor.

We currently have an open call for Scribbulus submissions that will end October 1st. You can read submission guidelines here.

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