Matthew Lewis Talks Post-Potter Role, “The Syndicate”

Mar 12, 2012

Posted by: John Admin

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Actor Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) recently spoke to the Press Association about his first post-Potter role in the BBC TV mini-series, “The Syndicate.”

Lewis talks about how different his character Jamie is compared to Neville and his interest in taking part in the mini-series.

“Jamie is a drug-taking, mouthy scallywag from a council estate in Leeds
and Neville is a shy, reserved boy wizard who’s afraid of his own
shadow. On the surface they are world’s apart. However, when you scratch
below that surface they have similarities,” he said.

“I connected with the character of Jamie instantly and wanted to play
him from the moment I read the script. The fact that he was a ‘bad lad’
didn’t really factor in my decision making. I just knew I wanted to
tell Jamie’s story and thankfully Kay granted me that opportunity.”

“A lot of people will dislike him and they will
find him on the surface to be a pretty disagreeable bloke. He’s been
through a lot but I’m not asking people to justify his behaviour, I just
hope they understand it on a human level.

“That for me is the challenge, and that is what drew me to him. I’m really passionate about this guy and this story.”

A trailer for “The Syndicate” was also released by the BBC. Watch it here or below. The mini series is expected to begin airing on BBC1 in late March.

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