PotterCast #251: J/K!

Oct 01, 2013

Posted by: Brad Ausrotas


Remember the time we ended PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast, because there wasn’t a lot of news in the Harry Potter world to discuss and we said that we’d hold out the slim hope that would change the far future, and if it did, we’d come back?
Remember how we found out two weeks later that J.K. Rowling had written two more books, and then that she was writing a series of movies?
Yeah. Just when we thought we were out… she pulls us back in!
PotterCast 251: J/K! might be called episode one of volume two of PotterCast, or it might just be called Frak, John and Melissa sitting around discussing exciting new Harry Potter stuff like in the old days. In this episode, we’ll talk about the upcoming Fantastic Beasts films, as well as the park. We’ll also let you know about our upcoming Cuckoo’s Calling read-along podcasts and plans for this ‘ere website, The Leaky Cauldron.
You can update your PotterCast iTunes feed to hear it, or you can download it directly at this link. Running time is 52 minutes and may include frequent cat noises. You have been warned.
It’s nice to be back!

The Leaky Cauldron is not associated with J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros., or any of the individuals or companies associated with producing and publishing Harry Potter books and films.