J.K. Rowling visits School in Nepal, Attends Ball

Mar 23, 2015

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J.K. Rowling recently took a trip to Nepal, where she was invited by the British Embassy to introduce a program organized by The British School in Kathmandu. While at the school last Friday, Rowling read excerpts of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and answered questions–energetically interacting and engaging with over 400 audience members. Images of Rowling answering questions and meeting fans began to appear all over Twitter. Following her visit to the school, Rowling attended a private ball Saturday evening. eKantipur reports:

Best-selling British author and creator of beloved boy wizard Harry Potter , JK Rowling , spent Friday morning at The British School in Jhamiskhel, Lalitpur, for the school’s book week. Speaking to a captivated audience of over 400, the famed writer read out an excerpt from her first novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

“It was an amazing experience seeing JK Rowling. I loved the way she spoke and the wonderful manner in which she conveyed each and every character in the book,” said Kritika Agarwal, a student at the school. The sixth-form student asked Rowling questions regarding her books and her inspiration. Rowling replied that she had enjoyed reading since she was 5 and she knew she wanted to become an author ever since.

News of Rowling’s arrival in Kathmandu broke on social media on Friday morning during her appearance at the school, along with photos of the best-selling author answering questions for the school newspaper. Describing the event as inspiring, Agarwal said that it felt great asking the celebrity author about her humble background and how she started off the story that has captured the hearts of millions, adults and children alike.

A student wrote of her experience of meeting her favorite author:

We always dream of seeing our childhood heroes in person, but what happens when you finally get to see the person that created the series that made up 90 percent of your childhood? What happens is that you hyperventilate, then you become numb and then you realise that you have a rather large, obnoxious smile plastered across your face. And then you cry. WhenJK Rowling first stepped into the hall at my school, I froze.

My friend next to me began whooping and cheering, along with the rest of the school, whilst I sat there, tears welling up in my eyes as I watched Rowling climb up the steps and take her seat.

As the hubbub settled, Rowling took to her microphone and began reading a passage from her first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. She read what is, in my opinion, one of the most significant moments in the entire series, when Harry gets his first wand from Olivander’s.

Rowling finished the passage, ending it much too quickly. But even if she had read for hours, it would’ve felt too short. Then, she was open for questions. So came the first question, and the second, third, and so on and so forth. To each and every student who asked a question, she made sure to swivel on her heavy four-legged chair and answer directly.

She never steered her answer away from the question she was asked and regularly made personal jokes, both Harry Potter -related and otherwise.

I spent a good 40 minutes of the hour laughing at her delight at seeing so many Harry Potters, Hermione Grangers and various Harry Potter -related characters in the audience and how she would react to some questions and become so immersed in answering them.

In that short hour, I saw first-hand what made Rowling so beloved, beyond the magical world and the beloved characters she has created. She was immeasurably down-to-earth and to have had the pleasure and privilege of seeing her and having her read to us in person was an indescribable experience, never to be forgotten.

In the future, when my friends and family ask me if listening to JK Rowling still remains one of my most unforgettable and memorable moments, even “after all this time?” my simple reply will be, “Always.” 

As of Rowling’s attendance of the private ball, eKantipur wrote:

Renowned author JK Rowling attended a private ball organised to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the British Gurkhas at Hyatt Regency in Kathmandu on Saturday, as fans waited outside the venue to catch a glimpse of the creator of the famous Harry Potter series.

According to Major Manoj Mohora of British Gurkha Nepal, the invite-only programme, where Rowling was the chief guest, was one of the first in the series of events lined up for 2015 to mark the 200 years of the Gurkha soldiers in the British Army.

Outside the front gate of the Hyatt Regency were a group of Harry Potter fans holding placards that read “ JK Rowling is our queen”. They were barred from entering the hotel premises.

A few of Rowling’s fans managed to sneak in and got a chance to see the famed author as she passed through the lobby in a red evening gown.

“She is a very private person,” said a member of Rowling’s entourage, specifically requesting fans not to approach her.  “She understands that there are fans who want to meet her, but this is a private trip and she is with her family.”

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