James and Oliver Phelps Answer Questions at Salt Lake Comic Con

Sep 29, 2015

Posted by: Emma Pocock

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Salt Lake City’s Comic Con took place over the past weekend, and the Phelps twins led their own panel, answering questions and meeting fans in a very full ballroom.

Mugglenet reported on the event:

‘In Potter-related topics, James admitted he had seen a game of Muggle Quidditch and that he was surprised at how brutal the game could be. When asked what his strategy would be if he were the Snitch trying to avoid the Seekers, his answer was an amused, “I don’t know… run like hell?”

Oliver, meanwhile, admitted that he does have a few things from the set of the films, though not his wand (which he, like so many other members of the cast, wanted). Instead, he told the audience that he has a framed Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes bag on his wall and next to it, George’s ear!’

When asked about stories from the set of Harry Potter, the twins set straight the myth about them switching roles during filming and having to re-shoot scenes. They only switched seats for a rehearsal in the Great Hall, and switched back for filming so that the rest of the cast and crew wouldn’t have to waste time.

James and Oliver also told the audience that they would often visit the driving range set up behind their set, and try to hit golf balls at Wayne Manor on the Dark Knight film’s neighbouring set.

When asked about their potential Patronuses, James answered that he thought his would be a hedgehog (so he could avoid confrontation) and Oliver said he was a ‘chill guy’, so his would probably be a sloth.

The audience spent most of their time laughing as James and Oliver were coaxed into speaking in American accents. They also told a hilarious story about having to bleach their eyebrows to make them ginger, and an intern leaving Oliver’s bleach on for too long so set members ‘draw on his eyebrows for a couple of weeks’ because they were so white!

When asked by a fan what they thought of the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s version of Butterbeer, they said it was a lot better than on the set of the films seeing as it ‘actually tasted nice’. Oliver revealed that the Butterbeer seen in the films was actually ‘orange juice with a bit of whipped cream on top’!

Oliver told the audience that he would love to feature in a Western film, so he could ‘shoot some things’ and wear a hat, whilst James said he used to love the cartoon ‘Doug’, so his ideal role would be to play ‘Skeeter’ in a live-action remake.

We hope those of you who attended had a lot of fun – it certainly sounded like a great weekend!

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Thanks to Mugglenet for the heads up!

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