Matthew Lewis on ‘This Morning’

Mar 09, 2016

Posted by: Emma Pocock

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Matthew Lewis appeared on U.K. show This Morning on Monday, to talk about his role as Sean Balmforth in ITV’s Happy Valley.

Balmforth has a ‘murky back story’, currently putting him as suspect of a nasty crime, and with only two episodes to go, Lewis teases at answers to come:

“We’ve got two episodes to go. We’re going to have quite a lot of revelations in the next episode in regards to Sean and what he’s been up to and why he’s there”

“The problem with him is he’s not quite an alcoholic but he’s well on his way to becoming one and because of that he simply can’t remember a lot of stuff and there are a lot of blackouts in his memory – that’s why we have to piece together this jigsaw.”

You may have noticed the impressive moustache Lewis is flaunting lately. Apparently there are mixed views about it!:

“Funnily enough, no one comes near me when I’ve got this and I don’t know whether they don’t recognise me or because they are terrified of me! I’m not sure which it is, but it’s quite the repellent!”

Finally, Matthew told a story from A Celebration of Harry Potter in January, during which Lewis and Rupert Grint took part in various panels together. Apparently, Rupert had a confession to make!

“I saw Rupert last month – and I’d not seen him for a few years – and we were in Orlando together for the new Harry Potter Wizarding World thing and he told me that he’d been going to this restaurant.

“And I said ‘oh that’s one of my favourite restaurants’ and he said, ‘I know… because I’ve been putting all my food on your tab for the past several months!’

“Apparently when he came in the manager was like ‘oh you’re Matthew’s friend’ and he was like ‘yeah’ and [the manager] said ‘is Matthew picking this up?’ and Rupert said ‘yeah, he told me to come down and said he was covering it’ and it’s been going on my bill ever since!”

Read Matt’s recent interview with The Mirror here, and watch a clip from his appearance on This Morning below!

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