Relive LeakyCon 2011 With Our Live Wizard Rock Album

Sep 13, 2016

Posted by: Melissa Anelli

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If you’re excited about the LeakyCon 2016 wizard rock lineup, we’ve got just the thing to keep that Potter hype train running all the way to Los Angeles. Whether you’re a wizard rock and convention novice or have been around since day one, you’ll love Live at the Leaky Cauldron II, the official CD of live concert recordings from LeakyCon 2011.

Hank Green LeakyCon 2011

The album features a selection of performances each from wizard rock mainstays as well as bands that haven’t performed since (but will be back on our stages soon).

Tonks LeakyCon 2011

The full track listing is as follows:

House Elf 4 Life – MC Kreacher
I Am MC Kreacher – MC Kreacher
We Are Wizards – MC Kreacher
Death Eater, Baby – House of Black
House of Black – House of Black
The LeakyCon Theme Song – House of Black feat. Lauren Fairweather
Honeydukes – Justin Finch Fletchley & The Sugar Quills
Viktor Krum – Justin Finch Fletchley & The Sugar Quills
Expelliarmus – Justin Finch Fletchley & The Sugar Quills
And Then I Died – Lauren Fairweather
Post-Potter Depression – Lauren Fairweather
Real for Us – Lauren Fairweather
Freaking Ask Me to the Yule Ball – The Parselmouths
This Is Never Going to End – The Parselmouths
Ginny Gets Around – Gred and Forge
Save the Quibbler – Gred and Forge
We Love It – Gred and Forge
Dear Mr. Potter – Hank Green
This Is Not Harry Potter – Hank Green
Accio Deathly Hallows (First-Ever Full Band Version) – Hank Green feat. Gred & Forge and Harry & the Potters
Lost – Tonks & the Aurors
Charlie Weasley – Tonks & the Aurors
We Are Magic – Tonks & the Aurors
House of Awesome – The Whomping Willows
I Believe in Nargles – The Whomping Willows
Wizard Party Forever – The Whomping Willows
Pansy – Draco & The Malfoys
Potions Yesterday – Draco & The Malfoys
My Dad Is Rich – Draco & The Malfoys
This Book Is so Awesome – Harry & the Potters
Save Ginny Weasley from the Basilisk – Harry & the Potters
The Weapon – Harry & the Potters
Smells Like Harry Potter – Harry & the Potters feat. Evanna Lynch

What are you waiting for? Check it out!

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