Happy Birthday, Molly Weasley!

Oct 30, 2016

Posted by: Emma Pocock

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Today (30th October) we celebrate the birthday of one of the strongest and most giving, loving women in the Potter series: Molly Weasley!

tumblr_nsnlpzSjzT1uckmiho1_500Not only is Mrs Weasley a great mother, but a talented multi-tasker, clearly has a knack for crafts (I bet she could help me to knit my own Ravenclaw scarf!), a fighter – as we saw with her encounter with Bellatrix Lestrange – and an all-round wonderful, admirable woman. She took in Harry without question; she definitely deserves a statue of some sorts!


Join us here at Leaky in wishing a very happy birthday to one of our favourite witches!


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