PotterCast #263 : Fantastic Beasts and When We Saw Them

Nov 28, 2016

Posted by: Catherine


PotterCast is out with a new episode, just scratching the surface of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which was theatrically released worldwide just 10 days ago. The movie is so amazing, and the perfect introduction back into the Wizarding World for both Potter fans and newcomers alike. If you haven’t seen the movie, stop what you’re doing and go see it–right now. This episode of PotterCast (and the rest of this article) is filled with spoilers; there is so much fantastic-ness to discuss!


The podcast starts with the PotterCasters discussing whether or not they liked the film. Everyone loved it. No questions asked. As lovers of Harry Potter and all of Jo’s world, we (fans) also love to discuss the holes and nit picking details–like, what’s up with the memory obliviation at the end? There are so many little holes to discuss and attempt to fill. It’s what we, Harry Potter fans, do best.


There are so many big topics to discuss from this first Fantastic Beasts film, but as good fans, we sometimes get stuck on the fine details. The PotterCasters began their Fantastic Beasts discussion with how Reparo was visualized in the film, especially on a larger scale–such as repairing a destroyed New York City. A little bit of a big deal when concerning the strict Statue of Secrecy.


It isn’t long before Melissa pulls them out of the Reparo rut and into discussing the biggest spoiler of the film: Graves as Grindelwald. In the Fantastic Beasts movie companion book, The Case of Beasts: Explore the Film of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, “Graves” has a Polyjuice potion flask. We have another Barty Crouch Jr. situation on our hands. (Where is the real Grave? We still don’t know). Later in the show the casts discusses Grindelwald’s last line. “Will we die, just a little?” What does it mean? Could it possibly have any link to Horcruxes? Sorry, John, Horcri.


The second biggest issue to discuss is Obscurus, Obscurial, and for John Noe, Obscuri (Horcri 2). There is a lot to discuss with reference back to Deathly Hallows, and even Half Blood Prince. What exactly went down between Albus, Aberforth, Grindelwald and Ariana that fatal day. Clear obscurities.


We already know that Albus Dumbledore is the greatest wizard of all time. He foresaw almost everything in Harry Potter. In his middle age years during Fantastic Beasts, and already made a name for himself, he would not be ignorant of what is happening in America or with Grindelwald in Europe. This opens up a lot of theories about Newt’s mission. As the English minister said in the Fantastic Beasts film, “uh-huh…what are you really doing in America, Mr. Scamander?”

John’s theory. As always, John Noe has many theories. This time, on Obscurus, on Graves and Credence, and much more. Speaking of theories, what about the Elder Wand? Graves has his own unique wand in the film, but Grindelwald would have already stolen the Elder Wand from Gregorovitch. As seen in Deathly Hallows, with Draco Malfoy, the Elder Wand doesn’t have to be in use to maintain allegiance.

Newt’s beasts. The movie is titled after the beasts, but we truly can’t get enough of the inside of Newt’s case. There are so many beasts in the film, even if they only get a few seconds of screen time.


There is a lot to discuss about American Wizarding government. The execution room and corrupting MACUSA are definitely at the top of the list. Of course, Wizarding America would have a death penalty as a part of capital punishment as it does in reality. Even then, Grave’s execution sentence for Tina and Newt seems quite abrupt and jarring.

The first Fantastic Beast movie opens a large can of worms, throwing the door open to endless possibilities of theories. The next PotterCast episode will begin discussing some of these theories. As Potter fans, there’s nothing better than a collective fan discussion, pooling all your great ideas! Send us your theories! You can direct them send theories at [email protected]


PotterCast promises to be more regular, and will be back in a couple of weeks! You can listen to the episode here, or through iTunes.

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