Giving Tuesday: Stand with Aleppo

Nov 29, 2016

Posted by: Catherine

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After Black Friday and Cyber Monday comes the most important, yet least heard of, day in post-Thanksgiving tradition: Giving Tuesday. It is incredibly important to play our part in helping the world heal–one individual does make a difference. Earlier this week, we brought you the story of Bana, a little girl who is suffering so much in Aleppo, and who is a massive Harry Potter fan just like you and me. Just days after Jo Rowling jumped hurtles to get Banna the Harry Potter books, Banna lived through more than one near-death experience, sustained injuries, and has no home. Another young child, Bana’s friend, was killed in the bombing (warning, link to *graphic* tweet).

  If the Harry Potter series, with Dumbledore’s Army and the Order of the Phoenix, and its creator (Jo Rowling) has taught us anything, it is love and generosity. The word “charity” comes from the Latin word Caritas, which was a translation of the Greek word, Agape, meaning “love”. As Jo said during the Fantastic Beasts press junket, there is a lot of generosity [and love] in this Harry Potter fandom. We love each other, and we love Bana.

Bana reads the way all Potter fans read: to escape reality and suffering, just for a little while:

On this Giving Tuesday, perhaps give up seeing Fantastic Beasts for the fourth time, and give the $15-$20 from the movie ticket, popcorn and drink to an organization that stands with Aleppo, and aims to help bring relief to those suffering in the war torn area. We’re pretty sure the creators of Fantastic Beasts, cast and crew, would understand.

  As written in our last post, “We urge you to consider donating to UNICEF’s Syria appeal if you are able, or to spread a message of love and unity in any way you can. This fandom aims to stop wars by spreading love, through words, stories, music, film, donations, crafts or just plain emotion – J.K. Rowling’s actions – however small you may consider them – have inspired us to pay more attention, be givers – not takers  (as Queenie suggested!), and spread light in horrific darkness.”   Other ways to give to Aleppo are, the Red Cross/Red Crescent (, and Oxfam’s Syrian appeal. Also follow any of the links embedded in tweets below.

If you cannot afford monetary donations, please spread the word to friends, family and social media followers; bring awareness to those around you. Send thoughts and prayers; perhaps even sign a petition:

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