J.K. Rowling Teases Newt Scamander’s Patronus is ‘Big Spoiler!’

Apr 28, 2017

Posted by: Dawn Johnson

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As Potter fans eagerly await the beginning of production on Fantastic Beasts 2 sometime this summer, we’re always on the lookout for revelations of things to come. Like Harry searching the skies for the golden snitch, we keep eagle eyes on twitter, Pottermore, and other news outlets. Thankfully, J.K. Rowling does not disappoint, dropping hints like a seer–just when she knows we need it!

This week, she replied to one lucky fan’s tweet asking her to reveal Newt Scamander’s corporeal patronus–that is, what animal form it takes. She answered with two words: “Big spoiler.”

Though we’re a bit disappointed Rowling declined to divulge the specifics, the news that it would be considered a spoiler is still something worth considering!

The Independent points out this could mean Newt will face Dementors in the upcoming film. It’s possible he’s captured and endures a stint in Azkaban prison, where they serve as guards.


It’s also possible that, like Voldemort, Grindelwald has called the Dementors into his service and Newt becomes entangled with them while aiding Dumbledore in his search for the infamous dark wizard.

Offering another explanation, The Independent suggests that the patronus may be used in some as-yet unknown way to battle against an Obscurus, the powerful dark force which Rowling introduced to us in the first Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film.


But the spoiler Rowling alludes to may refer to more than the force or threat which compels Newt to create one–though that would definitely be a big plot point! She may also be telling us that the form his patronus takes is telling in some way. This was true for Severus Snape, after all.


Snape’s patronus was a doe, just like Lily Potter’s. Over the course of many years, it remained unchanged, signifying the steadfastness of his devotion and enduring love for her–always.

Perhaps Newt’s animal reveals something about his affections–either what they have been or what they are coming to be. Perhaps it reveals something about his loyalties or his family. Perhaps it represents a pivotal experience from his past that shaped him, for better or worse, and will affect his course in the upcoming film.

Whatever it is, Rowling assures us that it is important, so we’ll watch and wait with anticipation, knowing that she has an incredible story to unveil in good time. Now, take a deep breath Potter fans. Eyes back to the skies–the game isn’t over yet!


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