Newly Improved ‘Fantastic Beasts’ Virtual Reality Game Released

Jan 30, 2018

Posted by: Emma Pocock

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A brand new version of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Virtual Reality Experience released recently on major VR platforms, allowing users to interact with six fantastic beasts and explore Newt’s case and the world of Fantastic Beasts in cinematic virtual reality. We had the chance to test the game prior to its release, and at the Harry Potter Expo at A Celebration Of Harry Potter this year, keep reading for our experience!

The limited version of the VR experience previously released included the Thunderbird, Erumpent and Graphorn, and this new and improved version features three new beasts: the Niffler, the Occamy and Bowtruckles.

More spells are available to use (so you can interact with the creatures – just like Newt!). Users can also navigate through a deleted scene from the movie, as well as 360 degree behind-the-scenes footage, immersing users in the creation of the movie.


Pottermore released a piece on the Warner Bros game, sharing their favourite spell:

“Our favourite spell enabled us to lift a sneaky Niffler up in the air, turn him over and shake the gold out of his pouch… very satisying. Although we can’t say the Niffler looked that happy about it, but hey, it must happen to them all the time, given all the shiny things they pilfer.”



Leaky also had a chance to trial the game before its release, and we were impressed by just how immersive the game feels. In the earlier version of the game, the Graphorn and Thunderbird in particular were fairly intimidating (not to fear, though, Newt keeps you company throughout your encounter with each beast!), but the updated version is perhaps even more immersive.

The Occamy – with its vibrant colors and piercing, inquisitive stare – has you just as on-edge as Newt, Tina, Queenie and Jacob were in the first film, but as Newt guides you through a spell to feed it a bug, you see that – just as Newt says – the Occamy is not as frightening as it may first appear!


I love Bowtruckles – especially Pickett – and as you can see from the preview above, you can explore Bowtruckle Island (as I like to call it) in Newt’s case in full, without the added stress of trying to avoid the claws of the Bowtruckles and fearing that you might accidentally drop them. These Bowtruckles are pretty shy, so lure them out with some snacks!


The experience with a Niffler is pretty adorable. Always looking like they’re up to no good, Newt’s Niffler is no different, clutching a Galleon and scuttling around an enclosed mound of wizard money, jewellery and more shiny goods.

I felt a little rude shaking the treasure out of this Niffler’s pouch in his/her own home, but – as with all the creatures in the game – it’s a lot of fun to feel like you’re that close to such a fantastic beast, and the sound effects add perfectly to the immersive atmosphere. The encounter was a lot less energetic than Hagrid’s Niffler game in one of his best Care of Magical Creatures lesson  – Newt is a lot less performative with his creatures, even for the purposes of a VR game!

The interactions are fairly brief, however, updates appear to be coming frequently, so we’re hoping that the game will continue to grow as the Fantastic Beasts films are added to – it’s a lot of fun getting to explore Newt’s case up-close – if only we could do the same at Hogwarts!

Experiences of the game vary by platform, and we’d recommend using Oculus of Vive if possible, as this is the most immersive way to play the game (Oculus is a little more lightweight as a headset). Also – just as a reminder – the handheld ‘wand’ remote isn’t available if you’re using Samsung Gear.


Listen to Newt Scamander himself – Eddie Redmayne – speak about the game here, which is now available on Vive, Daydream, Oculus and Gear!

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