‘Goblet of Fire’ Exhibit Opens at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London Tomorrow!

Mar 29, 2018

Posted by: Dawn Johnson

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The Goblet of Fire exhibit opens at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London tomorrow, and we are thrilled at the prospect of viewing many of the splendid props and costumes which made Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire a magical film experience.

The book, and its companion film adaptation, was a turning point in the series for Harry and fans. The fourth volume saw Harry weather the very real threat of injury or death, either by his mysterious inclusion in the Triwizard Tournament or at the hand of Voldemort himself. For this entry chronicled the Dark Lord’s return and Harry’s narrow escape–though he did not do so unscathed. Voldemort scarred Harry again, internally this time, as he watched someone close to him die and was helpless to save him.

Though the book and film took a dark turn from which the series would not look back–necessary in light of the path J.K. Rowling set Harry upon–it also gave us brilliant moments as well. We cheered along with the spectators at the Quidditch World Cup, awed by the spectacle of the Bulgarian and Irish teams swooping over the massive stadium. We chuckled as Harry and his classmates learned to dance in preparation for the Yule Ball, fell in love with the magical wintry décor and sympathized with all their teenage awkwardness. And we celebrated Harry’s triumphs in the tournament, including his reconciliation with best friend Ron and his realization that Cedric, his Triwizard foe, was a good and worthy opponent.


The exhibit at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London allows fans to relive all these incredible moments! As reported by Leaky in December, the goblet itself will return to the Great Hall and feature live demonstrations revealing the prop wizardry behind the magic of the flying parchment pieces. The Warner Bros. Studio Tour description of the exhibit gives fans detailed information about the prop and what they will be privileged to see:

“During filming, two versions of the Goblet of Fire were created for different purposes. The original goblet was hand-carved by Head Propmaker, Pierre Bohanna, from a single piece of wood chosen for its twists, knots, and splits to give it an organic, ancient quality. A mould of this was then taken for the Special Effects version that was rigged to propel the parchments of the four Triwizard Champions. You will see both versions of the Goblet of Fire up-close as part of the feature.” 

Pottermore expounded on what fans can expect when the exhibit opens as well. The Hogwarts castle model, always a popular stop for guests, will now feature a miniature of the enchanted Beauxbatons carriage flying above the grounds as if preparing for landing.


Visitors can also see the Portkey that transported Harry, the Weasleys and the Diggorys to the Quidditch World Cup and, sure to set guests bubbling with enthusiasm, is the iconic bronze tap from the Prefects’ Bathroom, which boasts 53 spouts pouring a veritable rainbow of colored water. The site of one the funniest moments of the film, it will no doubt bring a good-natured laugh to all who recall Harry’s run-in with the resident bathroom ghost, Moaning Myrtle, and Harry’s vain effort to avoid her prying intrusion.

Pottermore announced the tour will also harken back to those darker moments mentioned above, including a sculpture of Tom Riddle’s hulking gravestone and a feature on Voldemort’s costume. Though simplistic in appearance, the costume was specifically designed to communicate the ever-present duality of his power and vulnerability. Props and costumes worn by the Weasley twins and Barty Crouch Jr. will also be added to the tour.

This new exhibit will run Friday, March 30 through Sunday, Sept. 23. To book tickets, visit the official Warner Bros. Studio Tour site. Don’t delay, this Portkey to the wizarding world is not open indefinitely!

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