Warner Bros. Studio Tour London adds temporary costume exhibit

May 11, 2018

Posted by: Amanda Kirk

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Over 25,000 (and counting) items of clothing have been created for the Harry Potter films.  The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London has added a new exhibit, “The Making of Harry Potter: Behind the Seams“, that features a wealth of details about the costumes used in the films.

Did you know that it took 38 costume changes for Aunt Marge to blow up?  You’ll get an inside look at the making of that unforgettable scene, as well as view some robes that have not previously been displayed, including Cedric Diggory’s, Voldemort’s, and Professor Sprout’s—the last complete with snail trails.  (You’ll find out how they created that effect.)

Best of all, you will have the opportunity to try on house robes used in the film.  Pick you house colours, and you can wear a robe that was actually worn by students from that house in the films.

The exhibit is held in a workshop format.  You leave the regular Studio Tour at your appointed time to attend the one-hour workshop, then re-join the tour where you departed.  Note that the regular Studio Tour includes some costumes from the films, such as Ron’s Yule Ball robes, and the 19 Years Later costumes worn by the aged-up main characters.

Behind the Seams is only being presented for a very limited time.  It will be shown daily from 26th May – 3rd June, then weekends only through 22nd July.  The cost is £65, which includes the Studio Tour.

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