MinaLima Releases Map of the Wizarding World in Paris While J.K. Rowling and Globus Mundi Hint at Future ‘Fantastic’ Destinations!

Nov 04, 2018

Posted by: Dawn Johnson

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Graphic designers extraordinaire Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima released a “practical map of the Wizarding World in Paris,” and it is as gorgeous as it is rich in detail. The French site Le Point Pop (Pop Point) had the exclusive, including a conversation with MinaLima about their “une carte pratique du monde des sorciers a Paris.”


The map of Paris identifies eight major locations of interest–which will presumably show up in the film!–and the key provided gives us an up-close look at what they are.


1) Paysage Parisean Emblématique (Iconic Parisian Landscape): 

This would seem to be the place where traveling wizards can view iconic French monuments such as the Eiffel Tower (as pictured). The designers told Le Point Pop that the classic structure would feature on circulating posters with a warning, revealing:

“And the Eiffel Tower has not escaped the mischievous spirit of MinaLima. It will be posted on posters distributed by the French Ministry of Magic business, for employees, with the mention: ‘the Eiffel Tower isn’t a Portkey! Anyone trying to use the Eiffel Tower for this purpose will be arrested.’ “


2) Quartier De Nicolas Flamel (District of Nicolas Flamel): 

This indicates the area of Paris where Nicolas Flamel resides, and we know that Newt will seek out Flamel’s home, at Dumbledore’s request, to use as a “safe house.” It’s also the site of Flamel’s laboratory and the Philosopher’s Stone, so it’s very possible they could meet with some unexpected and unwanted visitors there. In his quest to grow in both ranks and power, it’s almost certain that Grindelwald will want to acquire it.


 3) Montmartre Place Cachée (Montmartre Hidden Square):

We’re not sure what’s hidden here or how you enter it, as the Arc de Triomphe is pictured at the far end of the street, but the name is certainly suggestive, and Le Point Pop offered the helpful note: “‘Hidden Place’, the French equivalent of the side road.”


It’s interesting that the Hidden Place would be considered a “side road.” The connotation suggests it may be the French equivalent of London’s Diagon Alley, a road or series of roads protected by enchantments which guard it from the detection and intrusion of non-wizards. So what shops–and secrets–might we find there?  Is this the district we’ve seen Newt and Jacob furtively navigating in photos?


4) Rue Girardon Circus Arcanus (Girardon Street Circus Arcanus):

The map shows that the Circus Arcanus is directly adjacent to the Hidden Place, and Le Point Pop quoted Mina Lima as offering even more details on the relationship between the two locations. They said:

“The Hidden Place is also home to the Circus Arcanus, ‘a place absolutely stunning, very colorful, figurative aesthetics.’ Run by a cruel ringmaster named Skender, the circus is ‘the most complete bestiary of human eccentricities worldwide.’ That’s where that also escaped, following a ‘serious incident’, the Zouwu.”


The translation is a bit choppy, but it seems that the Circus Arcanus may fall under the protective charms of Montmartre Hidden Square. This confirms it’s not just one street but an extended network of streets housing purveyors of wizarding goods and services.

5) Place Furstenberg Entrée Du Ministere Des Affaires Magique (Furstenberg Square Entrance of the Ministry of Magical Affairs): 

Le Point Pop confirms that the entrance to the ministry is a fountain presided over by a statue, as seen in the trailers, which was based off a statue at the Paris Opera House. It also indicates that entrance requires uttering “three magic words.” Is it possible this is the motto of the French Ministry, which is likely modeled after the French motto “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”?


An LA Times interview with production designer Stuart Craig provided more details on the entrance, indicating that within Place de Furstenberg, “a real square in Paris’ 6th arrondissement,…an elevator emerges from four trees.”

He also elaborated on the French Ministry of Magic–specifically, the building itself, saying:

“[The French ministry] draws its inspiration from the Palais-Royal. Rowling specified in the script that the building would be art nouveau in style, and Craig delivered by using curving, twirling designs and a series of interconnected domes.

“‘Art nouveau was the height of fashion and taste and architecture interest…Inside [the ministry], there’s a typing pool, and above that is this massive dome, and etched onto the ceiling are these creatures in star patterns, like the zodiac. Ours are new constellations in the shape of these magical creatures.’ “

It will no doubt be an aesthetically-impressive structure–and magically formidable, too!

6) Pont Alexandre III Zouwu Bridge (Alexander III Bridge–Zouwu Bridge): 

This must be the place where Newt subdues the Zouwu after its escape from the Circus Arcanus. How much damage it does between the Hidden Place and the bridge remains to be seen, but trailers and other footage seem to suggest that Newt is able to woo the creature into his care, taking up residence in one of the magical habitats within his case.


7) Cimitière Du Père Lachaise (Cemeteries of Father Lachaise): 

The cemetery was featured in the trailer as a significant location for Newt and his brother, Theseus. We’re not sure exactly what they’re doing in the cemetery, whether they are looking for ancestral information–maybe following the reveal of Leta Lestrange and Credence Barebone’s family tree–conjuring a spell, or producing a magical barrier or protective enchantment after coming face-to-face with Grindelwald, but it’s safe to say it’s the site of important events.


Le Point Pop revealed:

“At Père-Lachaise, the famous Parisian cemetery, the epitaphs will be those of illustrious wizards. ‘The cemetery has its own magic.’ ” 

Stuart Craig also discussed the site, marked by the LA Times as the “climax of this chapter in the story,” saying:

“It’s very photogenic…The tombs are quite elaborate and stretch all the way from the front gate up this big hill.”

Who will the “illustrious wizards” on those tombstones be? What major connections will be discovered there?

8) Boulevard Haussmann Les Grand Magasins De Paris (Haussmann Boulevard Paris Department Stores): 

This is the street down which Grindelwald nonchalantly walks in the trailers. He strides along as if he is the master of it, producing sheets of ominous black to cover the buildings. It’s centrally located on the map, a prime locale in the French wizarding community and one which would be heavily symbolic.


The LA Times article also mentioned that Baron Haussmann was “an architect who renovated Paris in the 19th century” and was one of Craig’s inspirations for the set design. He elaborated further:

“The approach that we’ve used on the Potter films and these films is to make every place look real and then use magic to come out of that seeming reality…That was our aim: to make Paris look, at first glance, completely real. The magic is largely hidden and appears when it needs to.”


MinaLima also unveiled a legend for the map, including advertisements and additional details on each landmark. There’s an ad for an exchange program, a literary contest within the next week, non-magical studies, McAaron’s Quidditch Equipment, Bonnetvolant’s Hat Shop, an owlry and a magical cheese competition with the admonition that in order to participate “you should create a spell worthy of the great Cyrille Paynel,” a nod to their French assistant Cyrille.

It also warns of a “serious incident at the Circus Arcanus.” It announces: “Anyone likely to communicate information on this case is requested to contact the investigators of B.D.L.J.M.” We’re not sure what the acronym stands for–perhaps a special unit of the French Ministry?

Another entry advertises “The Cry of the Gargoyle,” which Le Point Pop reveals is the name of the local newspaper, and calls travelers to “seize the opportunity of your life.” Below, it says they are searching “for brilliant and courageous journalists of a curious and persevering nature.” It adds: “The ideal candidate will amaze us with his passion: Find and share amazing magical stories.”

We wish we could read the descriptions of the eight icons, but that would require an Engorgio charm!


Where might a wizard procure such a useful map? The most likely place would be at a local information kiosk or, for the truly well-prepared, Globus Mundi, travel agency of the wizarding world. (How muggles might get their non-wizarding hands on the map above, we don’t know, but in terms of where J.K. Rowling, and MinaLima as the graphic interpreters of her vision, are taking us via film, we can definitely speculate!)

Attractions Magazine announced that Universal Orlando Resort quietly opened the new store in Diagon Alley just in time for the release of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. The existence of the wizarding agency very cleverly allows Rowling and Warner Bros. to link locations around the world such that almost no place is off limits for Newt Scamander’s future travels.


Images courtesy of the Orlando Informer unveiled the completed storefront, signage and interior. The store is filled with themed merchandise, such as travel mugs, baggage tags, key chains, sweatshirts and the like, as well as travel-themed décor from around the wizarding world. There are clocks that keep up with different time zones and posters advertising travel destinations.

Globus_Mundi_at_Universal_Studios_Florida_3 Globus_Mundi_at_Universal_Studios_Florida_8

They promote Scotland, location of the enchanted Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry; New York, site of MACUSA headquarters and Newt Scamander’s first film adventure; the Amazon, convenient given the wizarding school of Castelobruxo is in Brazil; Japan, also home to a magical school, Mahoutokoro; and (not pictured) London, Paris, the location of Newt Scamander’s second encounter with dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald, Scandinavia and Uganda. The wizarding school Uagadou is known to be in Africa.

We could, without much of a leap, theorize that Newt may have need of the expertise and assistance of wizards in these places or that Grindelwald may target these established wizarding communities in the next three films, thus compelling Newt to follow him.

And, following some not-too-cryptic tweets from J.K. Rowling herself, it seems that she may have confirmed an upcoming Brazilian destination–specifically, Rio de Janeiro.

After recently changing the header on her twitter account, curious fans implored her to give an explanation. She replied:

Rio de Janeiro in the 1930s would track with Rowling’s unfolding timeline of events, and since she indicates she’s been typing it recently, we have a feeling she’s finalizing the screenplay for the third installment!

What do you think of the details revealed here, Potter fans? Where else would you like to see Globus Mundi take Newt in the future?

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