Potter Fans: It’s Time to Drop Everything You Are Doing and Vote for Evanna

Nov 19, 2018

Posted by: Melissa Anelli


We all met Evanna Lynch in 2006. She was an absolutely enormous Harry Potter fan before she was cast as Luna, which meant that instantly she was faced with a huge burden: that of being the Harry Potter fan for all of us. She was The Harry Potter Fan Living the Dream.

That’s a lot. The wished-for experiences of millions, all on her small 16-year-old frame. And she rose to it like a champ. In the past 12 years we have dwts-evanna-frseen nothing but inner beauty and strength from Evanna. She was always a good person, that much was on-the-spot obvious from the moment we met her, but her profile as we’ve gotten to know her has been so much more than that of an actress. She has become an advocate for her beliefs, for good health, for the power of positivity; she has become an eloquent spokesperson and an inspiring public figure. She took an early struggle with an eating disorder and turned that energy into pathways for growth and love. And she shares it with us all the time. She really is our Luna.

I am lucky to know Evanna personally, and the fun and glowing person you see on social media is no lie. She is as wonderful as she seems: and we could all do a lot worse than to take her lessons of affirmation and positivity — and choosing happiness, and no small measure of silliness — to heart. She really has been the Potter fan’s perfect agent in this big and loving community. I am so proud of my wonderful friend and so grateful that of all the massive Potter fans that could have become so central to the franchise, we were lucky enough to get her. And today we get a chance to thank her for that!

So right now, if you feel the same way I do, help us make it EVANNA DAY on the Internet. Tonight she dances in the finals of Dancing with the Stars. We need to show her how much we appreciate her and propel her to victory!

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 11.44.07 AMDoes it sound silly, asking someone to vote for someone on a reality show? If it does, let me tell you this: I have been resisting my mother’s (very insistent) efforts to get me to watch Dancing with the Stars for a good five years. But I’ve been rapt watching Evanna’s evolution on the show: the grace and strength and confidence she shows is a signal to us all: of the power of building up your inner strength, of being committed to your physical wellness, of positivity and happiness being the benchmarks for which you strive. We have this chance to celebrate her so we are all in. Let’s do this. She deserves it, and the Potter fandom is ready to show one of our own how much we care.

Do you agree? Good. SO HERE’S WHAT TO DO:

1: Go right now to dwtsvote.abc.go.com and REGISTER FOR AN ACCOUNT by clicking “Sign Up” on the upper right.
2: TELL EVERYONE. Tweet, Insta, FB, Snap, do whatever you do to connect to your family and friends. Tell them what it would mean to you to see Evanna win. Ask them to sign up and vote. (We’re good at this now in America. :-P) It’s so easy, it’s so free, and if it means something to you the way it does to us, tell the people you love why they should join you.
3: Starting 8pm Eastern, you can VOTE! You have to do it ONLINE ONLY (no phone number, phone votes are over!) during the live broadcast, until 5 minutes after the last dance. We will remind you here and on social that it has started, but hey, set yourself an alarm on your phone. During the show fans will vote dwtsvote-live.abc.go.com/!

4: Watch Evy win that mirror ball trophy!

Thanks all. Evy has meant so much to us over the years: let’s be sure we show her just how much tonight.



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