Original ‘Cursed Child’ Cast Wraps Final Performance, But Memories and Magic Live On

Mar 18, 2019

Posted by: Dawn Johnson

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Three years ago a magical new production came to the West End, bringing the wizarding world to audiences in an entirely new medium with an entirely new story. Some of the characters were old friends–Harry, Hermione, Ron and Draco. Some of the characters were new–Albus, Scorpius and Rose, to name a few. And they took us back to the place where it all started, to Hogwarts. They took us home in a whirlwind of brilliant stage effects, sound, lighting and performance, which created a show unlike any ever seen in theater.

The original seven, as they are known, mesmerized critics and audiences alike, bringing J.K. Rowling’s magic to life day after day in a run that got extended month after month. Finally, after two years and a record-breaking showing at the Olivier Awards, the principal cast transferred to Broadway, taking over America’s famed Great White Way.

Anthony Boyle (Scorpius Malfoy), Sam Clemmett (Albus Potter), Alex Price (Draco Malfoy), Poppy Miller (Ginny Potter), Paul Thornley (Ron Weasley), Noma Dumezweni (Hermione Granger-Weasley) and Jamie Parker (Harry Potter), along with an incredible supporting cast and crew, proceeded to dazzle U.S. audiences for a year.

Now their time in the world of magic has ended, making way for a new cast to carry on the story, and the days leading up to their final performance were both joy-filled and bittersweet! Jack Thorne, writer of the script for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, was among the first to comment on the approaching changeover.

Boyle and Thorne then shared an exchange that set the Potterverse abuzz–how magical would it be if the two gents who originated Scorpius and Albus on stage returned in about ten years, properly aged and matured, to take on the role of their fathers?

When the day of the last performance arrived yesterday, the memories and well wishes began to pour out in a flood.

Noma Dumezweni, in particular, seemed overcome by her reminiscing, sharing throwback pictures with other castmembers and relishing in the journey they’d taken together.

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#MyBroadwayBabies @sam_clemmett #albuspotter Oh My LOVE!!!! Dear Sam Clemmet – in this world, our demographics makes us miles apart in life and experience, And YET I can’t imagine anyone else I’m so in awe of because of the Breadth of Your Heart… In this 3 years of Company – ALL the actors know YOU are the Glue that’s held our storytelling together, always, always true, and beyond effing generous. You hold us in a place of comfort and stability and we can jump off from your love! Mate. Mate. Mate!!! There’s a reason I saved the Best for last… You’re a gifted bugger and I can’t wait to see what more is coming and unfolding into Your world. I SEE YOU Dear Heart. ???? and I Thank You! @hpplayldn @hpplayus

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#MyBroadwayBabies @anthonyboyle #scorpiusmalfoy – Sweet Jesus… How do You do It?! Divine Creativity IN ACTION. You’re a funny bastard with a huge freaking heart, when you share it All is well in the word. Fearless. Challenging and Proper IRISH!!! The other non-Brit, Brit! You and @sam_clemmett have shown me what true platonic love is. And it’s beautiful. I’m just in awe. Our little 4 min catchup in act 4 before stepping back on stage is one of my daily show treasures… I wish you All that you wish for yourself and like every other fucker that’s witness to your work – can’t wait to see what unfolds for You. Yer Bugger, I love You!! ?????? And of course, any advice you need… ? @hpplayus @hpplayldn A post shared by Noma Dumezweni (@missdumezweni) on





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Every group of people has a Unicorn… right? No? well we do! #JamieParker I first worked with him when he was fresh out of drama school – when we met on this gig I screamed, hadn’t seen him in ten years… History boys had taken his world, alongside HenryV. He’s the most beautiful father and theatre geek you’ll ever come across – Jigsaws make him happy (giant ones, lots of pieces) and he can blush to high heaven. Jamie – your care for what’s happening in the world can make you sad, and I love that deeply about You! cos you do know who Harry is… Deep in your marrow – (he’s read the books at least 6 times in The last three years..?) He’s intensely shy in a crowd and can sing like a dream while doing a cryptic crossword! We share wig time and giggles, if Thornley’s on stage, we sometimes can’t look each other in the eye – the twinkle is fabulous!!! Babes – I’ll see you on another gig, cos… we just will. And a garden party somewhere!!! Love. Always. And cowboy boots! ?????? #HarryPotter @hpplayus @hpplayldn A post shared by Noma Dumezweni (@missdumezweni) on




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  Yes my heart loves this company – And there’s a little corner of it that will ALWAYS be Grateful for this One – @popskiemski You are the best person/woman/creative a gal could share a dressing room for two years with. You’ve seen me cry in frustration/anger/confusion and HELD me in a space of love. Every. Time. We flow well in our room. When you can be quiet with someone and not overthinking – I think that’s love. Because the laughter and minxiness that we’ve had I couldn’t have written. And You MUST write!!! You are an observer of Hearts and minds. A true Ally for this Black Woman – asking questions to understand and sharing answers for my understanding. I LOVE YOU soo freaking much Pops. You’ve held my Heart on this Gig. And our Girls have got Great Aunties!!! Blabbing now…?? @hpplayus @hpplayldn #ginnyweasley   A post shared by Noma Dumezweni (@missdumezweni) on

Then it was time to take the stage, and everyone knew what a momentous and magical night they’d borne witness to.



And all too soon, it was over…the “magnificent seven” exited the stage door for the last time, greeting fans and induling the magic for just a little while longer.







Jamie Parker, in characteristic good humor, capped off the morning after with a quip.

Anthony Boyle, too, issued a tongue-in-cheek farewell with an ode to the white-blond shock of a wig that covered his natural dark brown hair.

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Goodbye, old friend.

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It was a fitting, smile-inducing punctuation to a perfect run in which the curtain call produced both tears and applause…but he’s right, now the stage is set for a new cast, and the former must move on. 02_HPATCC_YearTwo_FullCast_Photo_By_Jeremy_Daniel And fans don’t have to wait long because the new cast takes the stage for their first performance on March 20. So raise your glasses to the old and the new. We wish the original members all the best in their future endeavors and cherish the memories made with them while still looking forward to all the magic left to experience!

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