New illustrated edition of “Quidditch Through the Ages” coming in 2020

Apr 02, 2019

Posted by: Amanda Kirk

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Bloomsbury Children’s Books has commissioned a new edition of Quidditch Through the Ages illustrated by author and artist Emily Gravett.

Quidditch Through the Ages was originally published in 2001.  An audiobook, read by Andrew Lincoln, was released a year ago.  It explains the history and rules of the wizarding world’s main sport.  Rowling’s royalties from the first edition (as well as from the companion book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) were donated to the British charity Comic Relief.  That practice will continue with this new edition, which is being sold to raise money for Comic Relief and Lumos, J.K. Rowling’s charity dedicated to getting children out of institutions and into permanent homes.

Author and illustrator Emily Gravett won the Macmillan Prize for Illustration and the Kate Greenaway Medal for her 2005 debut book, Wolves (Two Hoots). According to the press release from Bloomsbury:

“She won the latter award a second time for her 2007 book Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears (Two Hoots).”

For this new illustrated edition of Quidditch Through the Ages, Gravett “will use a combination of her pencil style, colour illustration, handmade objects and digital techniques.”

Gravett said: “I am over the moon to be illustrating Quidditch Through the Ages. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would ever be asked to illustrate anything from the Potter world, but from the minute I sat down at my desk and started jotting down ideas I realised I may have landed myself my dream job. I am waking up each day excited to get to work.”

Mandy Archer, Harry Potter editorial director and head of brand, said Gravett had been at the top of their list for illustrating the book. She added: “She is a true original. Emily has the courage to take form and content into exciting and unexpected directions, infusing her work with an infectious sense of playfulness and fun. We cannot wait to see where she is going to take this brand new illustrated edition.”

Are you excited to see these new depictions of the exciting sport of quidditch?  Every illustrator of a wizarding world book brings a fresh perspective and original imagination to the people, places, magical creatures, and artefacts that we know and love.  For Potter fans, the wizarding world comes alive for us in many forms, not least from inside our own heads.  New depictions don’t displace our own imaginings but add new facets to make the wizarding world more robust and real.

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