Funko Pop! Stag Patronus Available in Exclusive Pre-Release This December!

Nov 26, 2019

Posted by: Dawn Johnson

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Yesterday, the newly-launched Wizarding World Digital announced an exclusive pre-release offer of the new Funko Pop! Stag Patronus figure beginning Dec. 4 at 11 a.m. ET/4 p.m. GMT while supplies last. This is the first opportunity for fans to purchase the new figure, but to do so, you’ll need your Wizarding Passport!

If you don’t have one yet, you can apply for one here. This gives you passage to the wizarding world and all the experiences therein. As Wizarding World Digital advertises, your passport is the key! Once you have your passport, make sure you’re logged in here on Dec. 4 to take advantage of the early release offer. Next, make your way to the Wizarding World online shop.

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With your limited-time purchase, fans will receive an exclusive sticker. This pre-release version of the Funko Pop! figure also includes Enchanted Keys on the box. When the Enchanted Key is scanned with the Wizarding World app, you get an extra surprise! Wizarding World Gold subscribers also save 20 percent on this special edition of the Stag Patronus, as well as on select items in the Wizarding World online shop. (See the Wizarding World site for exclusions.)

This is an incredible opportunity for Potter fans who enjoy unique keepsakes and collectibles of the wizarding world. Funko Pop! has always done a remarkable job capturing the spirit and defining characteristics of the Potter characters with their stylized interpretations, and the Stag Patronus is no exception. The figure is positively ethereal!

It will undoubtedly call up many favorite memorable moments from the books and films, such as when Harry confronted his fear and learned to conjure a corporeal patronus. Not only did he embraced his magical abilities, but he also came to the touching and satisfying realization that his father James’ was with him. James was physically present in the form of the patronus and present in Harry himself as Harry walked in his footsteps.



The Stag Patronus figure will surely bring smiles when you see it sitting on the shelf, so take advantage of the offer while it lasts, or you’ll have wait until the official release–and only Arthur Weasley is interested in doing things the Muggle way!

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