REVIEW: Geek Gear Wizardry – November

Dec 11, 2019

Posted by: Emma Pocock

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There are oodles of subscription boxes out there for fans these days, but when Geek Gear offered to let us review their boxes, we were intrigued, to say the least!

Containing unique items related to the Wizarding World, Geek Gear Wizardry monthly boxes start at £14.99 and contain licensed and handmade products. Choose from Geek Gear Wizardry, Gear Gear Wands, Geek Gear Wizardry – Wearable and Geek Gear Wizardry – Special Edition, as well as frequent special edition ‘Curation of Magical Curiosities’ boxes by Cherry Wallis.

We received November’s Geek Gear Wizardry box, which contained some especially great Christmas items, as well as a few unique Harry Potter handmade items.

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I was surprised to see how full the box was, and how varied the selection inside was — of course, I loved that the logo included a cauldron! The box comes with a handy guide to what’s inside, in the style of a Hogwarts letter, which also promotes Youtubers hosting Geek Gear unboxings, and hints at next month’s box:


1) Exclusive Licensed Love Us Print by Pyramid International

I love this quote, and this is incredibly well designed – it’ll make a great addition to my collection of fan art!


2) Exclusive Snail Throwing Stone

When I first saw this, I confess I was confused. A fossil? And then remembered where it was from! Fans will remember that this was thrown through Hagrid’s window in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban! I’ve not figured out where to keep this yet, I’m not sure it’s something I would’ve chosen in a shop, but it’s a funny collectible, for sure!


3) Exclusive Festive Artwork by Kevin Cantwell

I ADORE this print. Opening it up I honestly gasped. The detail in the Hogwarts snow globe is beautiful, and it’s definitely coming out every Christmas to get me in holiday spirits!


4) Exclusive McGonagall Brooch

How cool is it to own McGonagall’s brooch?! This is a great item for cosplayers especially – I love the subtlety of the products in this Geek Gear, it makes it feel like the boxes are really for fans.


5) Exclusive Pygmy Cushion Cover

I’ve not got a cushion for this to my knowledge (or any square cushions, for that matter), so I’m not sure how it’ll look, but I do love pygmy puffs!


6) Exclusive Festive Greeting Cards by Kevin Cantwell

I adore these cards – Dobby and a Niffler, what more could you want to see on Christmas?! I’ll be keeping one of each and gifting the others, but it’s great they’re working with artists on these products – I love the design!

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7) Exclusive Festive Beanie

Accio Christmas! I’m not a beanie wearer, but luckily my sister is and she appreciated how thick and warm this beanie is, and it’s definitely a fun and unique wizarding world addition to festive outfits!


8) Monthly Tea Collection – Basilisk Blood – Wild Cherries 

This magical festivities tea tasted like Christmas in a Leaky Cauldron mug (the mug wasn’t included, of course!). Definitely approved. I do need a tea strainer, however – the french press didn’t work particularly well!


The box also came with a scratch card for the chance to get a special surprise — I didn’t win!


Overall, November’s Geek Gear was a great introduction to the box. I particularly loved the artwork and greeting cards, and loved getting some tea for cold winter nights.

Thanks so much to Geek Gear for sending us a review box! Take a look at subscription options available at Geek Gear here.

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