Adventure Sync Feature Available With New Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Update!

Feb 03, 2020

Posted by: Dawn Johnson

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite announced that the popular wizarding world app is in the process of being updated to version 2.9.0, which will include the new Adventure Sync feature for an enhanced gaming experience!

Adventure Sync connects to Apple Health or Google Fit to access your walking distance even while the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite app isn’t open and running. This means you don’t have to be actively playing the game to reap rewards! You could be walking your dog, running through your neighborhood, strolling through the mall, perusing grocery store aisles or going about your regular work day, and your walking distance will be tracked and dedicated to your Portkey Portmanteaus. All you’ll have to do is enable Adventure Sync in the Settings menu! Plus, since Adventure Sync will be an optional feature of the app, it can be switched on or off at any time based on user discretion.


The new version will also allow users to sort friends alphabetically in ascending or descending order. Participants can also sort friends who have sent unopened gifts.

A third update will further affect Portkey rewards. These may now include Spell Energy rewards when tapping Wrackspurts. There will be new Foundable Fragments as potential rewards, and magical new icons will guide you through unlocked Portkeys. Two-kilometer Portkeys will appear as a boot, five-kilometer Portkeys will be a kettle and 10-kilometer Portkeys will be a deflated ball.

In addition to adding new app features, the upgrade will also address problems experienced by some users. Version 2.9.0 will correct an issue with some players getting an error message when trying to collect a brewed Potion. Some users have also been receiving error notifications when moving to enter a Wizarding Challenge, and this should no longer be a problem for players. Finally, the new version corrects a delay in accurately reflecting the number of players at a Chamber. Now, when new players join, it should update immediately.

According to the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite official site, version 2.9.0 will be available at the App Store, Google Play or the Galaxy Store. Keep checking back to see when the update is ready for download!

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