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Mar 12, 2020

Posted by: Emma Pocock

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Mischief Media – home to The Leaky Cauldron and many more nerdy, thought-provoking, inclusive and community-focused projects – is brought to you by Mischief Management, the team behind LeakyCon, BroadwayCon, Con of Thrones and other leading conventions celebrating fans. Support Mischief Media via Patreon, and access perks, such as a new Discord server for you to connect with other fans!

Mischief Media is creating content by fans, for fans, and igniting the enthusiasm in everyone with deep-dives into various fandoms, delivering Patrons, readers and listeners a creative, passionate, inclusive community and, of course, plenty of Mischief.

Mischief Media’s Patreon (at will currently help to support the following projects, and needs support to expand:

  • The Leaky Cauldron: Since 2000, The Leaky Cauldron has been the go-to site for coverage of Harry Potter and the Wizarding World. In addition to covering breaking news of the Wizarding World, TLC is a magical community of fans and highlights the fan experience with craft tutorials, essays on the canon, and more.
  • A Story Most Queer: Discover the kinds of stories you’ve been missing out on. ASMQ highlights queer authors telling pocket-sized queer stories, perfect for a morning pick-me-up or a burst of creative energy.
  • Extraneous: Dive deep into your favorite fandoms with the ultimate nerdy podcast—currently Staying Extra on HIS DARK MATERIALS and SUPERNATURAL
  • Healthy Geek Academy (coming soon!): Hosted by Robyn Warren, Healthy Geek Academy leads the modern geek on a wellness journey with bi-weekly episodes and fun, XP building missions.
  • Jump Scare: The podcast that sees it coming! Tune in every week for a breakdown of the most iconic horror movies from two horror-heads.
  • Make New Mistakes: When was the last time you talked about a huge mistake? How do you get on with it? Jump into this podcast about being in business, being in charge, and being the one to screw it all up.
  • Roll 9 ¾: Join the magical adventure with the hosts of PotterCast as they wander and play through an original, Harry Potter-themed Dungeons & Dragons game.

Part of our role in this Patreon will be delivering you perks, and a new Harry Potter community we’re currently building on Discord – think of it like a new social media space dedicated to news, theories, and discussion all related to J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world, fandom projects and beyond!


Membership begins at $2 per month.

The $5 per month tier offers access to the Mischief Media Discord, connecting you with the hosts of PotterCast (which has its own Patreon, here), The Leaky Cauldron, Extraneous, Make New Mistaes, A Story Most Queer, and Roll 9 3/4, as well as plenty of other channels to get you talking about your passions – think of it like a fan hub, of sorts, bringing fandom convention-esque discussions to you, anytime, anywhere!

The $10 per month tier offers exclusive bonus content from Mischief Media’s podcasts and us at The Leaky Cauldron, as well as a Mischief Media sticker pack, plus access to the Mischief Media Discord server.

The $25 per month Mischief Maker tier gets you a shoutout at the end of every episode in the Patreon shout-outs portion of your favorite shows, and get a special Mischief Mystery Merch box once a year. You’ll also get exclusive bonus content, a sticker pack, and access to the Mischief Media Discord server.

Wanna go all-in on your support of Mischief Media? As a Mischief Master, $100 per month will get you a sport on the Hall of Fame Mischief Media webpage, and after 8 months you’ll get a place with other Mischief Masters in getting to decide the topic for a bonus episode of your favorite Mischief Media show! You’ll also get all the perks of the previous tiers, and know that you’re making a HUGE difference to Mischief Media’s content creation!

Join our growing community at – we can’t wait to see you there, and chat all things Harry Potter!

The Leaky Cauldron is not associated with J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros., or any of the individuals or companies associated with producing and publishing Harry Potter books and films.