Support Fan Organizations This Giving Tuesday!

Dec 01, 2020

Posted by: Emma Pocock

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It’s Giving Tuesday again, which means it’s time to take a look at all the brilliant organizations within the fan community helping to make the world a better place, and consider giving your money, time and resources to these organizations to help them make an even greater impact!

1. The Harry Potter Alliance

The Harry Potter Alliance turns fans into activists through resources, campaigns and grassroots community action. This year they ran a huge voter registration and engagement drive for the U.S. election, and also hosted the first ever virtual Granger Leadership Academy. They’re a true force of goodness in the world, and we are forever grateful for their brilliant leadership in the community.

Support the Harry Potter Alliance and find out more about their mission here.

2. Transfiguring Adoption

Supporting foster and adoptive families is Transfiguring Adoption’s main aim. Created by Darren and Margie Fink and their foster-adoptive family, this organisation is run by people who know the daily challenges of being a foster / adoptive parent or child, and want to help support those who may need some guidance or a supportive community to turn to.

Find out more about their incredible work here.

3. The Protego Foundation

The Protego Foundation aim to spread the word about animal rights, ending animal exploitation and protecting the magical creatures of the muggle world through messages and fantastic beasts in the Wizarding World. Leaky’s Senior Editor, Emma (me, hello!) is also a host on their podcast, ProtegoCast!

Learn about and support the work that Protego do here.

4. This Star Won’t Go Out

Created to honor the memory of Esther Earl, a wonderful member of the fan and LeakyCon community who sadly passed away in 2010 at the age of 16, This Star Wont Go Out shares Esther’s message of love and kindness. Their mission is to support families facing childhood cancer, “helping to lighten their burden through the giving of financial grants and community involvement”.

Support the vital work that This Star Won’t Go Out does here, and don’t forget to honor Esther also by celebrating Esther Day – an annual holiday on August 3 in which you tell people you care about that you love them, for no other reason than to spread love and positivity as far and wide as possible!

5. Lumos

Lumos work to end the global institutionalisation of orphans and children estranged from their parents, and reunited children with their families where possible. Their aim is a world without orphanages and ‘volunteerism’ that contributes to the institutionalisation of children. Created by J.K. Rowling, the organisation continues to work to educate people on the importance of placing children in homes, not orphanages.

Support their work here.

6. Potterhead Running Club

Supporting various campaigns and social justice movements and organisations by encouraging fans to take part in virtual races, the Potterhead Running Club raises an enormous amount for charities and projects, and has a community of hugely enthusiastic fans behind it! As a bonus, you also get a swanky fandom-related medal to celebrate finishing your run and donating to their campaigns!

Support their work, and get involved in their next run, here.

7. Fan Organizations, Creators & Supporters

Giving Tuesday is also a great opportunity to think about supporting fan creators, writers, fan artists, Wrock artists, podcasters, projects like Wizards in Space Magazine, Transfiguration: A Wrock Comp for Trans Rights, or the Trans-Affirming Magical Care Harry Potter fanzine, as well as organizations and crucial fandom spaces like Black Girls Create, or The Gayly Prophet that help to support and boost under-represented members of the fan community.

It’s safe to say it’s been a difficult time to be a Potter fan over the past year, and those making a difference are those showing up and creating positive, safe and inclusive spaces for all, and those that spark joy and enthusiasm for fans. Check out your favorite fandom communities, and take a look at a few organizations and creators you may not have heard of and be sure to show your support any way you can, whether it’s buying some of their merch, subscribing to their Patreon, or by simply sharing their page or their message as far as you can.

It’s always a good day to get started on supporting those doing the most in the fan community, so be sure to send out as much support as you can this Giving Tuesday!

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