“Wizards Unite” breaking up

Nov 04, 2021

Posted by: Amanda Kirk

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Ok, it only sounds like a band name. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an AR game from Niantic Labs, Portkey Games, and WB Interactive that was released in June 2019. Modelled on Pokemon Go, the game enabled players to interact within the real world, mainly in the form of fighting hostile magical creatures. Unlike Pokemon Go, it was not the wild financial success that had been prophesied. The game announced that it will close on January 31, 2022.

Players have until that date to spend any money left from in-app purchases. There will be no refunds of unspent funds, unless required by law. The game will no longer be downloadable after December 6, 2021, and in-app purchases will also end on that date. To help players use their Gold balances, the following changes took effect on November 2:

  • All Daily Assignments will have their rewards increased
  • All Potion Brew times will be reduced by 50% with Master Notes
  • The daily cap on sending and opening Gifts will be removed
  • Barrufio’s Brain Elixir potion will now award 3× player XP
  • 1920s Portkey Portmanteaus will appear on the map more frequently and associated Fragment rewards will be doubled
  • Spell Energy and Ingredients will appear on the map more frequently

Some new Lethal Adversaries will become available to fight, and in-game events will be scheduled to enable players to have some last-minute fun and challenges as the game winds down over the next few months:

  • November
    • – Dolores Umbridge Lethal Adversaries Event
    • – Half-Blood Prince Brilliant Event Part 1
    • – Lucius Malfoy Lethal Adversaries Event
    • – Half-Blood Prince Brilliant Event Part 2
  • December
    • – Bellatrix Lethal Adversaries Event
    • – Horcrux Hunt Part 2
    • – Voldemort Lethal Adversaries Event
    • – Deathly Hallows Brilliant Event Part 1
    • – Holiday Event
    • – Deathly Hallows Brilliant Event Part 2

Have you played Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? Do you like the game? Sad it is closing? If not, what did you not like about the game? What could it have done differently to capture your interest? What was the best part of the game?

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