It’s “Always” a good time to send this Patronus card

Feb 14, 2022

Posted by: Amanda Kirk


Yeah, yeah, it’s become a bit of a cheesy Harry Potter cliche to borrow Snape’s “Always” line to express one’s undying love and devotion to someone. But so what! We will always love it and it will never stop tugging at our heartstrings no matter how many times we hear it.

So, today is Valentine’s Day, and, apparently, Galentine’s Day for the single people who wish to remind their gal-pals how much they value them. I’ve just heard of Galentine’s this year but it seems to be a real thing, or at least as real as any of the Hallmark holidays we dutifully celebrate each year. At Leaky we are starting monthly themes to feature in posts, and February’s is, appropriately, Love. We’re focusing mainly on romantic love this month, as Friendship and Family will both be featured in future months. But, as they say, love is love, and it is not like pie: giving some to someone doesn’t mean there is less for others, so feel free to interpret the theme in whatever way works for you at this time in your life. We’ll never object to there being more love in the world.

If you want to get any of your loved ones a card to mark the occasion, for obvious reasons, I’m reminded of the “Always” Patronus card from Cardology. We profiled their Harry Potter line of cards in a post before Christmas, and this particular card leaps to mind as appropriate for today. It is not specifically a Valentine’s Day card and would work for anniversaries or any other occasion when you want to express your immutable affection for someone.

You can order it here. Cardology has some Valentine’s Day cards that are not Potter-themed but worth checking out here. I like the wisteria. Photos to refresh your memory of what it looks like from our earlier review are below. Happy V/Galentine’s Day to you and yours from all of us at Leaky.

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