Weasley Reunion!

Mar 11, 2017

Posted by: Emma Pocock

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We recently found out via Emma Watson that the cast of Harry Potter keep in touch via a group chat, and last week saw Tom Felton and Matt Lewis join Emma Watson on the red carpet of Beauty and the Beast. This week there’s been a Weasley reunion – the best kind of reunion! – as Bonnie Wright supported Rupert Grint at the L.A. launch party of his new series, Snatch.

Bonnie Wright posted the encounter on Instagram with a lovely caption, and the hashtag #proudsis – they really do look related!

Congrats on the new show @snatch Rups ?? #proudsis (thanks @__sloan__ for making pyjamas so chic I can wear them to a premiere ?)

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Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy) and Alison Sudol (Queenie Goldstein) also met at the Chance Casino (Species Fan Club) event for Sychronicity Earth, after a twitter exchange in January about his scarily good acting skills:

Evanna Lynch – ever the vegan activist, as she describes herself in her Instagram bio – has been campaigning for British MEPs to vote in the EU parliament to ban rearing rabbits in cages via her Twitter and Instagram, saying:

“Millions of rabbits are suffering and dying in battery cages on farms across the EU. Join Animal Equality in urging British MEPs to vote in in favour of measures to ban this cruel practice on March 14th.”

The petition provided by Animal Equality to take action is here.

Important info if you love rabbits or just care about equality for animals ???Despite being the second most farmed animal in Europe (330 million are slaughtered each year ??) rabbits currently have no legal minimum welfare standards to protect them and almost 100% of them are raised in barren battery cages. However, on March 14th MEPs will have a chance to change this!! This day and this vote means a huge deal to the welfare of millions of rabbits and your signature on this petition can greatly influence their decision. Please show the EU parliament that people care about rabbits. Join me in signing @AnimalEquality petition urging British MEPs to #BanRabbitCages on March 14 at the EU Parliament: www.animalequality.net/banrabbitcages

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Snatch is set to premiere this month on Crackle, Sony’s streaming service. See the trailer below, and read more here!

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