The ‘Cursed Child’ Cast on Meeting The Boy Who Lived

Jun 27, 2017

Posted by: Dawn Johnson

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Fans the world over celebrated the 20th anniversary of the publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone yesterday. The book, by then-unknown author J.K. Rowling, opened a portal to an incredible wizarding world and introduced readers of all ages to The Boy Who Lived.

The first entry in the series of seven started a magical phenomenon that has only grown with every passing year, spawning countless fan sites, in which The Leaky Cauldron is honored to be numbered. Leaky commemorated the day with a nostalgic look at the timeless themes of Harry Potter and an accounting of the special place it holds in our hearts. We were joined by Pottermore, Bloomsbury UK, The British Library (touting their upcoming A History of Magic Exhibition), MinaLima, cast members Bonnie Wright and Jason Isaacs, and many more.

Equally moved was the current cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the stage play written by Jack Thorne in collaboration with J.K. Rowling. Picking up where the epilogue of Deathly Hallows left off, the story continued to explore the familiar themes of friendship, loyalty, family, and loss and saw Harry struggle to find his footing as an adult and parent. Deathly Hallows ended with the reassuring words, “All was well,” but that never implied all was easy.


Yet our hero, whatever darkness he faces, is nothing if not resilient and courageous. We see ourselves in his story, and we hope to see ourselves in his triumphs. There is a magic that enchants those pages and binds this fandom like no other–and it extends to those who inhabit the characters.

Harry Potter Play released videos of the primary cast sharing their personal experiences with and love for Philosopher’s Stone.

Jamie Glover, the latest Harry Potter, recalls the magical moment he and his daughter first read the words, “Harry, you’re a wizard!”

Rakie Ayola, the indomitable Hermione Granger, relives the iconic moment the young Muggle-born is sorted into Gryffindor.

James Howard, Slytherin and reluctant ally Draco Malfoy, first read the book 17 years ago!

Emma Lowndes, the newest Ginny Potter, also read Philosopher’s Stone in the year 2000 and found it “marvelous from beginning to end!”

Her on-stage son Theo Ancient, who now plays Albus Severus, remembers the day his mum brought the book home from the library. (What an adventure awaited!)

Samuel Blenkin, surprise fan favorite Scorpius Malfoy, was nine years old when he borrowed it from his mum and couldn’t (wouldn’t) put it down.

Thomas Aldridge, who now has the pleasure of portraying Ron Weasley, reveals he has loved the character ever since he discovered their shared love for West Ham!

Renowned producer Sonia Friedman adds that she first enjoyed the audio version of Philosopher’s Stone–and entered into that magical world nightly. (Sweet dreams, indeed!)

Fellow producer Colin Callender recalls with amusement attempting to buy Philosopher’s Stone in New York and being unable to find it!

The journey the cast and crew have had with the series and its characters has, in a truly unique way, enabled them to imbue their contributions with a depth and truth that meets the new challenges in Harry’s story head on–and brings us along for the ride once again.

We continue to be grateful to J.K. Rowling and to all who have partnered with her over the last 20 years. We’ll keep coming back, even as we keep looking forward.

And, if you’re lucky enough to snag tickets to this incredible stage performance, rest assured the magic is as real as it ever was, whether you’re in London or New York!

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