Wizarding World Reveals Pre-Release Exclusive: Hermione’s Patronus Funko Pop!

Jan 28, 2020

Posted by: Gianfranco Lentini

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Wizarding World announced this week the pre-release exclusive of Hermione’s otter Patronus Funko Pop! Hot off the hooves of the special pre-release of Harry Potter’s stag Patronus Funko Pop! this past December, Hermione’s Patronus will arrive to Wizarding World’s online shop on Tuesday, February 4. And even more exclusive, Wizarding World Gold subscribers will be able to order the very limited supply Funko Pop! an entire day early – Monday, February 3, beginning 10:00 ET/15:00 GMT, for 24 hours while stock lasts.

Whether you are a Wizarding World Gold subscriber or not, here’s what you’ll have to do to pre-order:

1. Sign up for a Wizarding World Passport. Reminder: If you had a Pottermore account, use that same login information to activate your Wizarding World Passport. It’s that easy!

2. After getting your Passport, you want to make sure you walk straight at the barrier between platforms… JOKING. You just want to make sure you’re logged in.

3. Now you wait! Wait to order until February 3 if you’re a Wizarding World Gold Subscriber, or wait until February 4 if you’re not. But whatever you do, just don’t wait 12 years in Azkaban.


Since this is a special pre-release version of Hermione’s otter Patronus Funko Pop!, every order will come complete with an exclusive Wizarding World sticker, and every package will feature a Wizarding World Enchanted Key printed on the box. Using the Wizarding World app (download on the App Store or Google Play), you’ll be able to scan the Enchanted Key for an extra surprise. And don’t forget, all Wizarding World Gold subscribers will save 20% on this order along with anything else in the shop.

But while you’re patiently waiting for the pre-release date to roll around, sink yourself into the latest Wizarding World discussion of whether love affects a Patronus or not. From Tonks to Severus, the case study is just beginning, so let us know your thoughts too!

Of course, all of this leaves us wondering just when we’ll be seeing Ron’s Jack Russell Terrier Patronus immortalized in a Funko Pop!…

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