JKR: Order of the Phoenix 38 Chapters Long (one more than GoF)

Nov 04, 2002

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Click this link right now! The BBC has uploaded video of Lizo Mzimba’s coverage of the Potter premiere, with a great quote from JKR, after Lizo asked how many chapters are in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:

JKR: At the moment it’s 38. I know, Lizo, I know. [From Melissa: GoF was 37 chapters long – OotP could still be shorter in terms of pages.]
Lizo: 38?!?
JKR: Yes. Well, why do you think it’s taking so long?

She also confirms that the book is darker than the others and, “there’s a bad death in it that I [JKR] haven’t enjoyed writing.” It should be noted that while JKR has said generally that one death in the series would be horrible to write, she’s never quite said that there would be a very bad death in Book V. Looks like that one’s confirmed…. She also said the book is weeks away from being given to publishers, and that she’s really pleased with it.

There is also a very nice quote from an emotional Ella Harris (in the video), granddaughter of Richard Harris, on the movie. Great stuff as usual from the BBC.

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