Aint it Cool reviews

Nov 06, 2002

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As always, Ain’t It Cool has posted some early reviews – in this, one is positive and one is negative, but Harry says the second (negative) one seemed “off kilter” (I haven’t read it yet, will agree/disagree in a moment) – but the positive one does include this frustrating line: :

Kenneth Branagh – Is there any possibility that they didn’t really pick up on the fact that Gilderoy Lockheart is meant to be suave, sophisticated and charming albeit completely shallow and a tad narcissistic?

A tad narcissistic? Isn’t that a bit like saying Voldemort is just a tad evil?

Edited to add – about that negative review:

In the age old tradition of children’s entertainment it portrays that writing under the influence of drugs will make you a shed load of cash.

That says it all right there, doesn’t it? Consider the source – some reviewers are just not meant to be listened to. This is obivously one of them.

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