Providing a counterpoint to “Harry

Feb 19, 2002

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Providing a counterpoint to “Harry Potter” bookburnings and bannings, here’s part of what the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops had to say in their review of the film:

Parents concerned about the film’s sorcery elements should know that it is unlikely to pose any threat to Catholic beliefs. “Harry Potter” is so obviously innocuous fantasy that its fiction is easily distinguishable from real life. Harry uses his “magical powers” for good to fight evil. Parents and children can enjoy this fetching tale in the same spirit of the time-honored tradition of sorcery in Eastern Literature, such as the magical figure of Merlin in the Arthurian legend. And the film ends with a very upbeat, positive message about sacrificial love.

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The success of Harry Potter, including the boy’s cult-like following, has some wondering if anything else exists in the children’s literary world anymore. The publisher of the first four books in the series, Scholastic, is flying high, but there’s more to come beyond its possible deal for the fifth book, said Charles Glovsky, manager of the Independence Small Cap fund.

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