Despite being a British Awards

Feb 24, 2002

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Despite being a British Awards ceremony nominated by British Academy members, there were a number of disappointments in the evening for a couple of local films – two of the biggest British box office successes of the year, Harry Potter and Bridget Jones’s Diary, went home empty-handed.

A recent BCC News poll asks readers if they think Harry Potter was snubbed at the BAFTAs. The results are currently running Yes – 38.21% and No – 61.79%, with 492 votes cast.

Jay Boyar, movie critic for the Orlando Sentinal wonders; “Are movie critics out of touch? To ask the question is almost to suggest that the answer is yes. … Quite a few of us critics have warm spots for The Lord of the Rings and — when it comes to our animation awards, anyway — Shrek and/or Monsters, Inc. But, in general, we’ve tended to slight the likes of Pearl Harbor, Rush Hour 2 and even Harry Potter in favor of more obscure films like In the Bedroom, Mulholland Drive, Gosford Park and Memento.”

Finding Hogwarts

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