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Feb 25, 2002

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In an article from last November called “Harry Potter Owl Scenes Alarm Animal Advocates,” National Geographic also has a gallery of pictures of the different owls in the Harry Potter books, including some speculation on Pigwidgeon: “The species name of Harry’s friend Ron’s new (as of the end of the third book) owl, Pigwidgeon, is never given, but it is described as extremely small, gray, and weak-flying. It was given to Ron by Harry’s godfather while he was in hiding, so the owl could have come from anywhere. Ron’s owl is likely an elf owl.”

Gandalf the Wizard put his money on “The Lord of the Rings” Monday to work its magic at the Oscars next month. And in the lead-up to Hollywood’s big night, the Tolkien fantasy scooped a string of glittering prizes while rival Harry Potter was busy winning the battle of the box office.

According to the official John Williams website, the composer has also expressed an interest in scoring the next Harry Potter film but his involvement has not been officially confirmed. (Thanks to The Wizard World for the link.)

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