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Mar 18, 2002

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Just a little note on the HP5 stuff – that could very well mean that early autumn is what they’re going to announce on Wednesday, and as that’s one of the times that has been tossed around (and at this point, let’s face it, is most realistic), Bloomsbury could be just changing its text to make sure they’re not advertising that they’re disappointed that it’s not summer. In other words, they don’t want their site saying ‘In a perfect world it would be summer,” and then having it come out in the fall, making them seem “disappointed,” or whatever. They could be changing it just to keep the appearance of being completely and totally happy with when HP5 is coming out.

And again, that’s just speculation…I very rarely post speculation on here, but I thought it was a point worth clearing up before we all go nuts that it’s been pushed back further. Early autumn has been predicted, often – it’s just about enough time before CoS – that way it won’t interfere with the release of the movie, and it will keep Harry at the height of consciousness inbetween the DVD release and November 15. Perfect planning. So if they announce early autumn on Wednesday, don’t freak. :-)

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