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Apr 15, 2002

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Chris sent us a short report from the filming in Oxford: “I went to Christ Church, Oxford today (11/4/02) where they were filming for the 2nd Harry Potter Movie. They have been filming for the last 2 weeks. They were doing a scene in the quad where Harry, Ron and Hermione were sitting down and the area was covered with snow. There were people dressed in hogwarts scarves and coats carrying presents and someone said something along the lines of – oh look it’s Slytherins heir.

Dark Horizons also ran a piece on the Oxford shooting today: “Christ Church College has been host to a really sizeable crew filming the second ‘Harry Potter’ film (the college hall was used for Hogwart’s hall albeit digitally widened). They’ve been here for about twelve days, I guess they’ll move on to film in the Bodleian library Divinity School at some point. ‘Cromwell & Fairfax’ is also filming in Oxford at the minute – looked like they were going to be filming in the Fellow’s Garden of Exeter college today. They’ve been setup alongside the old Bodleian for just about a week (backs onto Exeter)”.

The Coventry Evening Telegraph ran a story on the lizards that are used in the making of the Chamber of Secrets. The article says that the second movie is being filmed in Carlisle at the moment. One of the 25 lizards that are used is named ‘Harry': College animal technician Nikki Smith said: “We don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl so we named it Harry, which could also be short for Harriet.”

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